The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Has your bathroom seen better days? A great way to cut costs without sacrificing the overall improvement is with a custom formed bathtub that fits over your existing tub. It's professionally installed right over your old ugly bathtub. The result is a beautiful new bath that is ready to use the same day. Our patented Bath Remodeling System will save you time and money, while eliminating the stress and mess of traditional remodeling.

With over 1,000,000 installations nationwide and our patented installation technology, you can't go wrong. We also provide a lifetime warranty on all Re-Bath products. Manufactured from lustrous, DuraBath SSP surface polymer. Our products will not crack, peel, chip, fade, rust, dent or mildew. Patented installation technology guarantees a watertight fit. Over 1000 custom molds to choose from. Re-Bath's new DuraBath SSP proprietary formula is produced exclusively for Re-Bath LLC by Spartech. DuraBath SSP is a solid surface polymer that outperforms the acrylic/ABS product, and it offers superior impact strength, heat deflection, surface hardness, chemical resistance and gloss. DuraBath SSP offers the highest impact strength with sparkling clarity and is perfectly suited for rigidized components in demanding structural applications. Re-Bath's DuraBath SSP is superior to competitor's products in fabrication performance.